Body Temperature

Body Temperature is a fantastic app for iPhone and Apple Watch, by which you can measure your body temperature via heart rate.

You can calculate the temperature with the Apple Watch sensors or with iPhone Camera.

The app allows you to see all data in a list, and to see the last 7 data in a beautiful graphic.

Body Temperature uses HealthKit, it connects with the Health app to sync all body temperature data and heart rate data (write and read).

For a good measurement, when you measure the temperature you should stay sit and calm, so that you have a normal heart rate, and for the best precision you can also add a reference temperature with the associate reference heart rate. [...]


Money-Exchange is a simple and fast way to convert a price range to another rate. Money-Exchange give you the possibility to change 153 rates.

The app allows you to add the country that you want.

  • Simple & clean user Interface
  • No Adverts
  • 153 different money
  • Update rate every day
  • Need an Internet Connection [...]
  • Time-Left

    Time-Left keeps track of past important events in your private or work life. Time-Left gives you also the possibility to set when one event starts and when it finishes. The widget allows you to view all events in a fast and easy way.

  • Today Widget
  • Simple & clean user Interface
  • No Adverts
  • Sort all events
  • You can choose if automatically delete past events or not
  • You can choose the font style to personalise your text
  • Animations in principal app and in today widget
  • You'll receive a notification message to event complete
  • You can include time to events (In-App Purchases)
  • You can choose to auto delete or not the event, and to repeat or not every single event
  • Search from Spotlight to find events
  • iCloud sync [...]